Wheel LSL01


Leitspeed LSL01 forged wheel for Lotus Evora is derived directly from GT motorsports. It will be available for exclusive and selected street sports cars and still shows no compromise in terms of stability and lightness. Our Spec LSL01 is a first step to take high end wheels from the race track to the streets. The start of our street product range is the brand Lotus. And here we focus on the Lotus top end first: The Lotus Evora.

Leitspeed always had the potential to to offer forged wheels on a very high technical level under our own brand name. We keep a close cooperation and friendship with our production partner since long. But until recently there was no urge to do so.

The search for an adaequate wheel for a Lotus Evora changed the game in 2017. If there is no high class aftermarket product including German TÜV available then some one has to make it. And if we are doing it, we do it properly. With no consideration of  production cost or fashion.

Leitspeed LSL01 Facts

  • the wheel design is a evolution from GT motorsports
  • classic 2×5-spoke racing wheel
  • 8.000 tons forging pressure, material AL-6061
  • produced on 5-axis CNC milling machines
  • production chain is in one hand, including forging, all production steps are done by our partner company
  • highest level of quality in design, mechanical poduction and surface treatment
  • front wheel and rear wheel are a complete separate design each

Leitspeed LSL01 tech data for Lotus Evora, comparison to Lotus original forged

  • sizes
    front wheel 19×8 ET55
    rear wheel 20×9,5 ET69
  • weights
    front wheel 7,95 kg (17,53 lb)
    rear wheel 9,50 kg (20.94 lb)
    (fully coloured, including logo cap, excluding valves)

Weight comparison to all Lotus Original forged wheels (set comparison):
– 8,1 kg compared to Evora NA/S 18/19″
– 9,6 kg compared to Evora NA/S 19/20″
– 5,5 kg compared to Evora 400
– 4,1 kg compared to Evora 410 Sport, GT 410, GTS430
– 10,5 kg compared to Evora GT430, GT410 Option

Leitspeed LSL01 Highlights

  • in total 5,1 kg (11.24 lb) weight saving compared to the optional and very lightweight forged wheels of the Lotus Evora 400
  • in total 9,3 kg (20,50 lb) weight saving compared to the optional forged wheels of the Lotus Evora (S)
  • amazing 2,5 kg (5,52 lb) weight saving to the single forged rear wheel of the Evora (S). This means a significant better performance in acceleration.
  • higher agility when changing the direction
  • better acceleration and deceleration
  • weight saving is focussed on the outside of the wheel
  • extensive side machining to reduce weight but keep stability high
  • perfect fit, low production tolerances
  • quick and easy mounting because of optimized wheel bolt areas
  • TPMS use possible
  • designed for Michelin sports tires with rim protection

Leitspeed LSL01